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City of Lattes, Part 2

Chatteris' own Caroline Lengyel blesses us with her latest and greatest coffee shop finds.
“I’m back on the hunt for the best indie coffee shops in HK!” was how I almost started this post. But let’s be real, the hunt never stopped. New favorites include:
BARISTA JAM (Sheung Wan)
Coffee: 10/10 Aesthetic: 5/10 Overall experience: 7/10
I heard this coffee was special and it did not disappoint. My latte had a distinct flavor — like burned marshmallows, but silky?

Above: Beans in Barista Jam.
Coffee: 8/10 Aesthetic: 9/10 Overall experience: 8/10
An awe-inspiring bookstore cafe. I found this:

And maybe abused their late-night coffee bar (ordered 2 lattes just before closing time). Sorry Kubrick!

Coffee: 8/10 Aesthetic: 7/10 Overall experience: 7/10
If someone told me a month ago that there existed a quiet, uncrowded cafe in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, I would have assumed their definition of quiet / uncrowded was quite different from mine. Then I found Matchbo…

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