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Weekending in Guangzhou

One of the advantages to being a Chatteris CNET in Hong Kong is the opportunity to explore various different places and cultures. Here's Chatteris' own Oscar Ponton on the delights of a long weekend in Guangzhou...
Winter term can feel like a long haul in Hong Kong as a teacher, particularly when there’s no traditional half term like in other countries. So when the opportunity to take a long weekend presented itself, I readily grabbed it with both hands as a chance to explore and relax outside of Hong Kong and visit somewhere new. With original destinations like Taiwan and Korea too far afield for the purpose of a short weekend break, my attentions turned to the Mainland and finally tackling the beast that is China, albeit through a fleetingly short three-day trip to Guangzhou. I’d heard many different things about Guangzhou and China in general from friends, so I decided to check it out for myself to see what all the hype was about and also see if it lived up to my own expect…

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