Sunday, 26 March 2017

Weekend Wander: Braemar Hill

Hong Kong is more than just a concrete jungle. In fact, the ease at which you can hop from bustling cityscapes to natural landscapes is one of Hong Kong's most endearing features. And with around 70% of the region being covered in lush countryside, there's no shortage of hikes to escape on.

Hike Name: Braemar Hill
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
I’m always on the lookout for great sunset spots in Hong Kong and I was delighted to add this one to my list recently. It’s rare in Hong Kong to be able to get a vantage point encompassing both sides of the harbour and the setting sun but Braemar Hill manages to achieve it. What’s even more impressive is that it’s a very gentle stroll to get there. If you want to bag the really spectacular views, there’s a bit of off-road scrambling to be done but it’s nothing too strenuous and the reward is more than worth it. Bring a book, a beer, some headphones - anything that helps you relax - and thank your lucky stars you chose such a breathtaking place to live.


Getting there: Go to Admiralty MTR station (Island Line/Tsuen Wan Line/South Island Line) and take Exit A. Turn left and take minibus 24M to the terminus. Then follow Mount Butler Road/Sir Cecil's Ride to the vantage point. After soaking up the view, you can either retrace your steps and return on the 24M or follow the trail all the way to Tai Koo MTR station.

The 'Bible' of hiking in Hong Kong - Hike Hong Kong - is one of the best resources out there for budding hikers in the region. There are a wealth of hikes on there with easy-to-follow directions and pictures to each one.

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